Our Philosophy

A professional, Design-Build, remodeling company is:

  • Familiar with costs since they handle these details every day.
  • Able to design projects that are feasible and cost effective to build.
  • Familiar with the entire process, from initial concept to completion.
  • In the best position to guide you through the remodeling process since they are involved in all aspects of the process.
  • Able to design projects that will help you to stay within your budget and help you to create a realistic budget.

One of the greatest advantages of coming to Eberle Remodeling for your remodeling needs is that you work with one company from the start of the project to the completion of the project. The owner of the company works directly with you in the design and product selection phase. They are here to guide you through the most important steps from project design to cost planning.

Before you choose a remodeling company, compare the services they offer against our “Design- Build Benefit Package”, which we include with every job.

  • Design help is available on a fee basis – and the fee is credited back to you when a construction agreement is signed.
  • We will work with you to stay within your budget.
  • You receive a written proposal outlining everything to be done and what is NOT to be done.
  • The proposal specifies the type of materials and fixtures to be used on your job, and how those products will be installed.
  • We obtain all types of permits, since we know the requirements and building codes.
  • We guarantee a fully insured project. Our company carries General Liability insurance and is covered by Workmen’s Compensation insurance. Any subcontractors hired are required to furnish proof of the same coverage.
  • Once your project is underway, you are kept informed of the work schedule for the various crews assigned to your project.
  • Debris is removed frequently to keep the project site clean and safe. Necessary protection is provided to minimize dirt and dust being spread to other areas.
  • Our production manager visits the project frequently to assure that your project is proceeding as planned.
  • At the conclusion of the project, we meet with you to make certain that you are satisfied. Normally a ‘Punch List’ of small items will evolve, and these are taken care of before you receive the final invoice.